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The Radiology Department is a full-service department. Our equipment includes: 

  • 64 slice GE Lightspeed VCT CAT Scan (outpatient)

  • Toshiba multilevel detector 320 slice CT (Emergency Room)

  • New 64 slice Optima CT 660 multi-detector GE scanner (inpatient North)

  • New 64 slice Optima CT 660 multi-detector GE scanner (inpatient South) (To be upgraded EVO February 2018)

  • GE 16 slice CT (inpatient North)

  • 1.5 tesla MRI; GE Platform 16 (outpatient)

  • 1.2 tesla Hitachi High field Open MRI (outpatient)

  • 1.5 tesla MRI; GE Platform 11 (inpatient North)

  • 3 tesla MRI GE (inpatient North)

  • New PET/CT DISCOVERY MI-DR (outpatient)

  • SPECT: Siemens Symbia EVO and Symbia EVO Excel, Philips BrightView Dual Head, two GE Discovery NM 630 Dual Head, Phillips Argus Single Head.

  • Ultrasound – GE E9, P5 and S8

  • Interventional Radiology

    • Biplane Siemens room

    • Uniplane Toshiba room

  • Tomosynthesis Unit - Breast Imaging Center

  • Full-field digital mammography with CAD, stereotactic biopsy room, and breast MRI with biopsy

  • 4 fluoroscopy rooms, recently renovated with brand-new machines

  • GE PACS, IDX, and PowerScribe 360 dictation system on all workstations. Reports are searchable via Montage, a powerful research tool.

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